Ayurveda Indian Medicine

Zen Wellness is excited to introduce Ayurvedic Practitioner Catherine Warner.

Ayurveda is an ancient healing system of medicine that has been practiced for thousands of years, originating from India. It is holistic – meaning it incorporates the mind, body, and spirit of a person, and it aligns with all aspects of nature – the world in which that person lives, as well as their individual constitution, predispositions, and lifestyle choices.

Our version of healthcare in the West consists of taking care of a person once they have become ill, but in Ayurvedic Medicine, the focus is on protecting your inherent health and preventing disease. It is also learning how to realign the balance between nature and your own biology in order to promote optimal health.

Practitioner Catherine will ask you a series of questions to determine your Dosha – the specific balance of nature within an individual, also known as your constitution. This will inform Catherine of any predispositions to disease. Then there will be a series of questions based upon your current physical and mental health conditions, observations of skin, tongue, and eyes, and an Ayurvedic pulse reading. Some common conditions that you and Catherine can work on together are:


  • Musculoskeletal: Arthritis, Hypermobility, Hypomobility, Autoimmune Disorders, Muscle Spasms/Twitches and Cramps
  • Inflammation of: Digestion Tract, Joints, Skin, Bladder, Mood                                                                                           
  • Digestion: Gas, Bloating, Loose Stools, Constipation, Heartburn, Indigestion
  • Urogenital: Bladder Issues, Fertility Challenges, Menstrual Concerns, Sexual Function
  • Weight Loss & Management
  • Mood Imbalances: Depression, Anxiety, Fear, Self Doubt, Mood Instability


Through Ayurvedic Medicine, you can expect recommendations of appropriate foods, lifestyle modifications, Personalized Yoga Prescription, breath work for stress and emotional management, herbal medicine routines specifically designed for your physical and emotional needs, health and wellness goals. 


Yoga is an essential part of this ancient healing modality. Let Catherine guide you through a sequence of yoga postures specifically designed to best benefit your body type, composition, health concerns and wellness goals.

You do not have to flexible to do yoga, in fact, yoga is designed for inflexible people to help them become flexible so they have less pain and can sit in mediation comfortably if they choose. Yoga introduces flexibility but it also introduces specific breathing techniques for stress management and optimal lung health, which is a concern during these uncertain times.

As a Team here at Zen Wellness, we can work together with our different approaches to your health, utilizing Chiropractic, Massage, Infrared Sauna, Somatic Trauma Therapy, Ayurvedic Medicine and more, to give you a complete set of holistic resources to help you reach your wellness goals. 

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