Pediatric Chiropractic

Babies initially grow quickly in the womb with plenty of room, but they eventually find themselves cramped and squeezed into various twisted and compressed positions for several long months.

Furthermore, elongated hours of labor and delivery can place additional physical forces on their delicate bodies, leading to possible birthing injuries, collarbone rotations, shoulder blade winging, jaw misalignment, pelvic rotation, and hip dysplasia, to name a few. Their unformed joints can become dislocated and strained during prolonged delivery, requiring specialized manual treatment to correct the joint and muscular alignment.

Newborns are subjected to the immediate and new experience of gravity. In the womb, their weight is comfortably suspended in fluid, but upon arrival, their curved, C-shaped spines must adapt to a more upright posture with the heaviness of their bodies as a new sensation and challenge.

As infants progress into toddlers, they experience near-constant falls, tumbles, head bumps, trips, stumbles and more, including developing immune systems and exercising their lungs and hearts. Ensuring that your little one has access to care after these experiences allows them the opportunity to thrive with more stability, balance, control and confidence, in addition to less frustration.

The tumbles and bumps continue well into early childhood and the teenage years, and require care to ensure proper healing and joint preservation. Issues like scoliosis, sports injuries, posture, heavy book bags, mental focus, immune and allergy concerns, hormonal adaptations, hygienic education, and self-confidence can all be addressed with consistent Pediatric Chiropractic.

From 1 day old to 17 years and 364 days old, your children are in good hands. 

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