June 2021

Welcome Summer!

June 20 marks the beginning of Summer and is a celebrated holiday in many cultures as warmer weather marks the end to a cold, dark time. This Summer, we are especially celebrating an emergence from our homes and reunions with our loved ones. 

This month also celebrates Dads!

We are offering TWO specials to honor Dads and to boost emotional health for your social re-emergence. 


Two 60min Massages – $130 (save $48)

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First Somatic Trauma Therapy $99 (save $46)
Let’s address our trauma. We’ve collectively been traumatized over this past year… We. Are. Stressed.


Somatic Trauma Therapy combines gentle chiropractic alignments, guided meditation and visualization, gentle touch around the face, neck and arms, and controlled breathing, in a safe, non-threatening environment.


Dr. Bobbi Jones is a certified Somatic Trauma Therapist and brings nearly 30 years of various international healing studies to her practice. Intuitive and gentle, she can help you lay back, breathe, and clear out some emotions that are stored in your body, releasing stress and relaxing the mind.