Physical Therapy

Many patients have expressed interest in Physical Therapy or Correcting Training under the supervision of Dr. Jones and Dr. Runge, and we are pleased to announce the introduction of these services. 
Dr. Jones offers Yoga-based Physical Therapy on Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings and early afternoons, and Dr. Runge offers Physical Therapy and Corrective Personal Training on Monday and Wednesday late afternoons and evenings. Appointments outside those times can be made with doctor approval. 
Physical Therapy are 30 minute, goal specific appointments which include an adjustment and can be submitted to insurance. A patient must have been seem within the last month by a Chiropractor at Zen Wellness and have a current or reoccurring painful episode. 
Corrective Personal Training focuses on any corrective concerns that the client has, for example, correcting hunched shoulders/posture, increasing stability, strengthening core, etc. These 30-60 minute appointments include either an adjustment or 5 minutes of muscle work and are ideal for someone who has plateaued in home exercise, repeatedly gets injured when exercising, or is not sure where to start on their health or fitness goals. 
For an appointment with Dr. Jones, please email Zen Wellness at, use the Mindbody App to book online, or call 323-662-0177. 
For an appointment with Dr. Runge, please email her directly at