Somatic Trauma Therapy

Somatic Trauma Therapy helps your brain’s ability to process traumatic events, and their associated emotions, which can be harming your body and mind. It combines gentle, specific touch, developed to literally rewire the traumatized pathways of the brain, and vivid, guided imagery in a meditative setting.

Dr. Bobbi Jones provides support for Depression, Anxiety, Stress Management, Chronic Pain, Childhood Trauma, Sexual Abuse, Substance Abuse, Eating Disorders, and Negative Self Talk. 

Somatic Trauma Therapy, or Havening, was developed by Medical Doctors and Neuroscientists using the latest research on the effect of traumatic events on our brain and bodies. It creates large concentrations of Delta Waves, the most restorative and reparative brain waves, which are most commonly generated during deep sleep and trance-like meditative states. This allows you to process the trauma without the need to do talk therapy. Significant triggers specific to the traumas can be dramatically diminished, if not completely removed, as the brain learns it is no longer in danger. Scientific and intuitive, this latest method in trauma therapy creates a safe haven for your brain and body to heal.

During each session, you are asked to recall a traumatic event, without having to share any details… you share only how those recollections make you feel. Your licensed therapist will then verbally take you through a series of guided imagery and mental distractions to calm the sensitive nerve cells in you brain. You will learn how to locate different areas in your body where these negative emotions are creating discomfort and disease. Havening quickly and significantly decreases triggers to traumatic events, allowing the survival and primal part of your brain to be less sensitive, less defensive, and less painfully vulnerable.

Each session lasts between 45-60 minutes, and can be highly effective when talk therapy is either an intimidating option, or has ceased to help you move forward. Many patients find significant decrease in emotional triggers within 1-6 visits. Due to the fact that this therapy physically repairs parts of your brain, you can experience a more successful and permanent recovery from your traumatic past. 

Dr. Bobbi Jones, D.C. is a Doctor of Chiropractic and Certified Havening Practitioner, combining over two decades of physical healthcare with this powerful, emotionally transformative therapy. Being treated with Havening herself, she can attest to its life-changing abilities, especially when talk therapy has reached a limit.

Dr. Jones has personal experience with a complicated, traumatic pregnancy and has a deep passion for helping expectant mothers experiencing fear, insecurity, anxiety, depression, and an inability to feel connected to their body and developing child within. She also understand the physical and emotional demands of early motherhood, having suffered with severe PTSD and Post Partum Depression and experiencing healing with Somatic Trauma Therapy, Dr. Jones can help new mothers recovery after Pregnancy. Dr. Jones is calm, nurturing, and compassionate, and she will patiently guide you through your deep, emotional healing journey.

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