Ms. Brenda Lujan, LMT Assistant Director, Zen Wellness Studios

Ms. Brenda Lujan (she/her) LMT, Assistant Director – Zen Wellness Studios is a Los Angeles native proud Latina, is dedicated to helping people find their paths to wellness.

Ms. Brenda’s Services

Balancing Massage

Prenatal Massage

Somatic Yoga Massage (Prenatal Somatic Massages coming soon…)

Herbal Cupping Massage

Private Healing Sessions

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Ms. Brenda joined the Zen Team in mid 2020, masked during her interview, she brought extreme professionalism, warmth, and sincerity to our crew. We really love this authentically kind soul and very magical healer.

Brenda is the Lead Apprentice with Dr. Bobbi Jones, learning scientific and medical Somatic healing models to help safely rewire your brain, healing your traumatic past events and negative self esteem. We understand and want to help you…

She masterfully combines premium deep tissue massage, stretching, and home care recommendations that work alongside your other goals at Zen Wellness.

The medicinal herbs she uses in her Herbal Cupping Massages help balance the elemental forces in your body, like too much heat, or too little water, which can cause illness and disease to set in.

She is extremely intuitive, nurturing, and passionate about her craft and thrives off of helping others see their own positive energy growing within them. She loves hiking in Griffith Park, relaxing in nature, spending family time with her two teenagers and large family. We are certainly grateful she’s joined our little Zen family.