Chakra Massage ($99-$169)

Not quite feeling yourself? Do things just seem off? Perhaps there’s a lack of connection between your mind, body, and soul? And what about your soul, spirit, Qi, Prana, Lifeforce, Biofield? 

Us too… we are trying to understand, connect, and help others recover from this deeply challenging time.

Our Chakra Massage focus on your 7 main Chakras, as understood as medicine by ancient Tibetan and Indian healers over 13,000 years ago and now being adopted into mainstream healthcare systems.

Each of these 7 main areas are moving, churning, absorbing, radiating, and circulating your energies to keep you alive and in a state of wellness… balance… equilibrium… peace.

Massage, Reiki, Pranic Healing, Ayurveda, Yoga Stretches, diet, lifestyle, & perspective alignments, all combined to create the perfect monthly Chakra Balancing experience. 

Combine with a weekly yoga class downstairs, a monthly Somatic Yoga Massage, and enjoy our end of the month Somatic Soundbath & Bonfire Ceremony for your perfect yogi fix.