COVID Safety

How Zen Wellness is Keeping Everyone Safe
As a medical clinic, Zen Wellness is a Certified COVID-19 Safety Compliant Business as outlined by Los Angeles County Public Health and state of California. We have strict protocols with regards to screening patients, maintaining disinfected areas, and supporting social distancing. Read recent state mandates here.
Masks are still mandatory for patients and staff, waiting room furniture is limited to 2 people at a time with 6 feet of separation, and we sanitize every half an hour. 
All patients have their temperatures and oxygens levels tested. Anyone with an elevated temperature or low oxygen levels is rescheduled and asked to get a Free COVID test at
We use Microban to disinfect all touchable surfaces, alcohol wipes on the face cradle between each patient, a fresh face cradle cover between each patient, frequent hand washing and hand sanitizing, and all of our cups are disposable. 

We understand these are scary times so we are doing our part to keep everything clean and everyone safe. Safety is our number one priority.  
If you have not been social distancing, have not been wearing a face covering whilst out in public, been in contact with someone who has COVID, or have symptoms of being ill yourself, we encourage you to stay at home and to schedule a Free COVID test at
Thank you for doing your part to get us all through this.