Official Wellness Center for MashUp Contemporary Dance Company

We are excited to announce our partnership as the official wellness center for the innovative MashUp Contemporary Dance Company in Frogtown, Los Angeles! MashUp Staff and Dancers will receive discounts on services and products!

LA Dance Community Monthly Wellness Event

Self Care Saturdays at MashUp Studionext one July 9th 10:00-2:00pm

Zen Wellness & MashUp Dance welcome all Professional Los Angeles Dancers to a special monthly healing & social event: Self Care Saturdays, co-hosted at Mash Up’s studio in Frogtown, 2926 Gilroy St, Los Angeles, CA 90039.

July 9th, 10:00-2:00pm Enjoy a  mindful movement & meditation class followed by a restorative casual mixer. Relax and reflect with friends, reunite with your community, and meet others who are advancing the industry and elevating our community. 

Three, on-site services to choose from – Massage, Chiropractic, and Somatic Release Therapy – and are available by appointment only. Choose one, mix and match, or enjoy all three in our Zen Day Packages, just buy your package and book your services online!

Zen Day Packages – for Dancers only…

Zen Day 1st Visit: (90-120min, $185): 30min Chiropractic exam and treatment, 25min targeted Massage Therapy based on your exam and treatment, 45min Somatic Release Therapy to clear negativity physically stored in your body. Start your wellness plan with our team here.

Zen Day Monthly Visit: (90min, $145): 25min targeted Massage Therapy based on your exam and treatment, 15min Chiropractic, 45min Somatic Release Therapy to clear negativity physically stored in your body. Enjoy monthly as an addition to your self care routine.

Somatic Release Massage with Brenda: (25min, $40) Enjoy targeted massage, stretching, and complete releasing… Brenda will focus on treating the myofascia, the attachments of muscles to bones, and deep trigger point areas with gentle resisted stretching, breathing techniques, Somatic Release Therapy, visualization, and more. Breath in, breathe out, settle in, and open up the space in your body to allow for healing. Deeply recover from your physical exertion, daily stressors, and emotional trauma with Brenda’s magical touch.

Chiropractic with Dr. Rene: (1st Visit, 30min $100. Follow Ups, 15mins $60) Chiropractic is a holistic, gentle, and powerful way to help balance your body weight evenly on your skeleton, and for dancers, this is essential. Your pelvis and ribcage need even alignment, full mobility, and exceptional strength in order for you to express your movement freely and to its fullest. Every single joint and muscle need release.

Dr. Rene’s passion and long experience as an Chiropractic Orthopedic Surgical Assistant allows her to understand anatomy, movement, and function in a very unique way. She will identify and address your physical imbalances with focused massage, stretching, adjustments, and Reiki healing.

Chiropractic with Dr. Cabrera: (1st Visit, 30min $100. Follow Ups, 15mins $60) Growing up in the small town of Grass Valley, California, his love of the outdoors, diverse sports, and playful competition allowed him to understand the importance of an active and healthy lifestyle. 

Dr. Cabrera comes from a family of medical doctors, acupuncturists, and wellness practitioners, allowing him to understand both Eastern and Western approaches. Working closely with Dr. Bobbi Jones, he is developing new recovery classes and treatment protocols for performing athletes, such as Dancers. Dr. Cabrera can help deepen your own understanding of your body’s functional movements to help you self express more fully and authentically.

Somatic Release Therapy with Dr. Jones: (45mins, $60) Lie back, relax, and let Dr. Jones guide you through releasing emotions stored deep in your body. During this non-verbal therapy, Dr. Jones will ask you to silently recall a stressful or traumatic event, or, to confront a repetitive negative self thought. Together, you will explore how, and where, you physically feel any associated emotions, these trapped emotions, and begin to release them from your body… 

Dr. Jones has a special passion for dancing and the performing arts. Although she was a pre-med student in university, she studied dance as her primary elective, learning beginner and intermediate techniques in ballet, jazz, hip hop, modern, contemporary, and her favorite, African Drumming.

As a seasoned Yoga Instructor, Holistic Chiropractor, Somatic Release Therapist, and life-long amateur dancer, Dr. Jones has provided care to Los Angeles and abroad since 1997.  She deeply and personally understands the physical and emotional demands of the professional dancer and their industry… Dr. Jones will hold a safe and sacred space for you to feel those feelings and finally let…them…go…

Book online here. Spaces will fill fast!