Ms. Erika Ruiz, BA Soc.Sc., Founder, “Strong Family Bond: Zen Grow” non profit Wellness Partners

Erika’s Services:


Private Healing Sessions

Ms. Erika Ruiz offers Head/Face/Jaw/Hand Services, especially for chronic neck pain, arthritis, and TMJ pain (jaw). She focuses on the head, neck, face, jaw, shoulders, arms, hands and feet using intuitive healing touch traditions from her Native American Spiritual Ancestors of the Central and Southern Americans.

Her goal with clients is to is to “Help them heal from the inside out…” When she’s not helping others heal, she enjoys reading, studying, doing yoga, being a Mom to 2 amazing boys, and has written over 15 books for children and adults alike. She’s a powerhouse.

We are honored to have Erika Ruiz as part of our amazing Zen Team!

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