Herbal Cupping Massage ($99-$169)

Been sick a lot and can’t figure out why? Feeling lethargic, inflamed, irritated, and unmotivated? 

Recently discovered you’re living with a genetic or auto-immune dysfunction or disorder that simply has no cure and just needs management, understanding, and daily TLC?

Our wounded healers understand…

Brenda blends the best of East and West, masterfully combining premium Deep Tissue Massage, yoga stretching, and home care recommendations that work alongside your other goals at Zen Wellness.

But wait! There’s more…

If you’ve been lucky to with Brenda, you know she brings a special kind of magic to her sessions and here she adds Cupping and Medicinal Herbal Oils to target and balance the elemental forces in your body, like too much heat, or too little water, which can cause illness and disease to set in.

The Medicinal Herbal Oils, often made with our own sourced herbs from Zen’s Medicinal Garden downstairs in our Garden Studio (partnered with Plant-Materials.com & TheJuicyLeaf.com), are ancient Ayurvedic recipes from Tibet & India, and are anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, anti-depressive, anti-stagnation formulas.

Combine with a weekly yoga class downstairs, a monthly Somatic Yoga Massage, and attend our Ice, Ice Baby ice bath & foam rolling workshop with Dr. Gopal Cabrera on Sunday 10/23 11-12:30pm, for your perfect healing journey through your deepest pain, recovery, and wellness.