Prenatal Massage ($99-$169)

Congratulations, Mom!

Your body is changing rapidly and is no longer yours alone. Everything you do, eat, and even think, is shared with your bebe.

Got Pregnancy pain in the hips, lower back, pubic bone, legs, ankles, feet?

Tightness in the lower belly, ribcage, intestines, and stomach?

Stress, fear, uncertainty, self doubt, excitement, love all bundled up in your shoulders and neck and head and jaw and face?

Bebe feels you, too.

Our Prenatal Massages are a perfect way to keep up with the near daily physical changes, the constant flux of emotional and mood states, the anxiety of the unknown, and the nesting & preparation required for a healthy and happy labor & delivery for all.

Combine with a weekly Prenatal yoga class downstairs, a monthly Somatic Yoga Massage, and enjoy our end of the month Somatic Soundbath & Bonfire Ceremony for your perfect peaceful mama&bebe fix.