9/25/2020 – J.J.P.
“Dr. Bobbi Jones is a miracle worker!
I came in after weeks of left leg issues, not walking/moving right, and sharp burning pain in my leg and back. After my visit with her today I am cured!! I walked away pain free. Definitely happy you fixed me! Thank you so much!!”
9/18/2020 – Karly B
“I love Zen Wellness and just sorry it took me so long to find them.

I have been experiencing neck and shoulder pain due to work at home and not having my traditional office set-up at home. My first visit with Dr. Jones was early August and I immediately felt a difference after my first chiropractic service. I have continued with maintenance appointments and just recently had a massage that also helped elevate and relax my stress-related knots.

I feel very safe going to Zen Wellness as they have implemented clear guidelines in compliance with CDC and following all Covid-19 protocols. Everyone there is extremely cautious and courteous. I find it to be a welcoming environment.”

8/22/2020 – Chloe N
“I really like it here, it’s relaxing and feels completely in alignment with its mission statement ‘to help you feel your best so you can be your best’. Their mission is evident everywhere on a visit, which really helps the nervous system relax and trust and get ready for adjustments. Dr Jones is both a Somatic Trauma Therapist as well as a Doctor of Chiropractic. This really integrative method of care is really my favorite, taking into account all of the systems of the body, and addressing them with care. I found that the office strikes the balance – being comfortable and welcoming for clients, whilst still being clean and following protocol against Covid 19, no mean feat! And Dr Jones and their front of house manager do it with ease. Glad to have finally come here after it being on my radar for years!”

9/21/2020 – Ingrid I
“Dr. Bobbi Jones. is such a gift in my life. Anytime I am in pain physically or emotionally I immediately book a service w her. I always leave her office floating.  

Her chiropractic work is incredible, she doesn’t just send you away with an adjustment. She invests her time and energy to HEAL you long term. She is the only person I completely trust with my body/spine with.

The Havening / Somatic Trauma Therapy is really a game changer if you are trying to work through any heavy emotions. She is incredible at holding space. It incorporates a minimal amount of talk therapy and works with removing the main emotions related to your issue from your mind & body with a gentle meditation / massage technique. She also gives you tools to deal with your issues in office as well as on your own.

She does in office physical therapy, prescribes home exercise plans, diet changes, nutrition advice, somatic trauma therapy, there is an infrared sauna.  Whether you are already on healing path or just exploring what that means for you she can give you the support you are looking for.”

9/20/2020 – Elizabeth P
“I’ve been seeing Dr. Brown for the last 3 months and she’s been working wonders for my back! The location is easy for me to get to and always plenty of parking in the evening. Dr. Brown and her staff are so nice, caring and friendly. I’ll be using their massage services in a few weeks and I’m so excited. I will update my review then but I’m sure it will be amazing. I’ve been telling all my friends about the magic of Zen Wellness. I cannot recommend this place enough!!”
8/26/2020 – Crystal N
“I love Zen Wellness so much. I have been going there for years. The chiropractic services, massage therapists and the infrared sauna are all amazing. The staff are all extremely friendly and welcoming. The environment is very soothing and relaxing. Always a pleasant experience and my back is so thankful for Dr. Jones. I had a protruding disc in the past and Dr. Jones helped ease the pain and help my back to heal.”
8/5/2020 – J.P.
“Honestly I don’t tend to write reviews but this place deserves a really great review.  Was waiting for my car to be fixed and needed to kill time.  Didn’t know what to expect but Literally the best I’ve felt in a long time.  Did the sauna and it was so refreshing I can’t wait to go back.  Super clean office and friendly staff.  Special shout out to the person at the front desk for amazing service.  Will most definitely be back.”
6/26/2020 – Melissa N
“I LOVE Zen Wellness! Dr. Brown has helped my body move much better in a few short weeks. She really tailors her adjustment to your body’s needs and no two adjustments are the same. I’ve been to several chiropractors previously and Dr. Brown is truly the best. I selfishly want to keep this place my secret but I recommend it to anyone.”
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