Somatic Release Therapy

Somatic means body and Somatic Release Therapy helps you to release emotions that are stored in your body. You will learn how to locate different areas in your body where negative emotions are creating discomfort and disease. It teaches your brain how to cope with triggering events, redirect negative self thoughts, and physically release the deep emotions trapped within your cells. 

During each 30 min session, as you rest on your back, Dr. Jones will ask you to silently recall a stressful or traumatic event, or, to confront a repetitive negative self thought. Together, you will explore how, and where, you physically feel any associated emotions, trapped emotions, and begin to physically let… them… go…

Dr. Jones combines a variety of somatic techniques to increase your mind-body connection, including specific touch, massage, meditation, visualization, guided imagery, breath work, energy medicine, and movements, like gentle Chiropractic adjustments or stretches. As you connect to your powerful emotions, Dr. Jones will guide you through techniques to help you calm your sensitive nerve cells and release those trapped emotions. 

Somatic Release can be highly effective when talk therapy is either an intimidating option, or has ceased to help you move forward. Many patients find significant decrease in emotional triggers within 1-6 visits and continue treatment as needed. Due to the fact that this therapy physically repairs parts of your brain, you can experience a more successful and permanent recovery from your traumatic past, feeling less sensitive, less defensive, and less painfully vulnerable.

Dr. Bobbi Jones provides compassionate and understanding support for depression, anxiety, post partum depression, stress management, chronic pain, childhood trauma, sexual & physical abuse, substance abuse, eating disorders, and negative self talk.

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