Somatic Soundbath & Bonfire

with Dr. Bobbi Jones, DC, Dr. Ren Nevarez, DC & Ms. Brenda Lujan

The last Saturday of the month 5:00-7:00pm

next one: August 27th

Give yourself permission once a month to lie back, close your busy eyes, quiet your chattering mind, and simply listen to your environment. Wear layers and lay under the setting sky as we approach the Autumnal Equinox in September, where the length of day and night are equal… a time for reflecting on balance in your life.

Combining the medicinal & creative approaches of yoga, movement, meditation, ritual, spellcasting, manifesting, sound, and self awareness, our healers have collectively created a truly unique experience for Every One.

Allow the powerful sound waves generated by voices, bowls, bells, violin, and other healing instruments, to ring through your body… through your self.

Reflect on your year so far… on your life in a broad scope… Do you feel balanced? Well? In what ways does unbalance affect your life? In your body, your relationships, & in your working time? In what ways can you invite & create more balance physically, emotionally, humanistically/spiritually?

Envision the rest of your year… Find renewal, restoration, and a deep sense of balance from which you can find the strength, courage, and resiliency to make your wishes and dreams come true!

Elevate your wellness and feel better… Zen Wellness is here to help you in all the ways. <3

Register soon, space is limited