Trigger Point Massage ($99-$169)

Got traveling pain? Where you wake one morning with lower back pain and then the next with a headache and the next maybe its your pinky toe?

Trigger Points are areas in our tissue where the energy is most congested, stagnated, built up, blocked, and, perhaps, ill instead of well.

Want to be well instead of ill?

Shon combines Deep Tissue, Yoga stretches, and Trigger Point Therapy along your meridians, or energy highways, to create healing responses in your muscles, nerves, joints, and organ systems.

Acupressure and Trigger Point Therapy are deeply related, connected in their healing philosophies, to provide a more holistic (wholistic?) wellness treatment by removing this stagnant, painful energy, lymph fluid, and inflammatory cells.

Combine with a weekly yoga class downstairs, a monthly Somatic Yoga Massage, and attend our Ice, Ice Baby ice bath & foam rolling workshop with Dr. Gopal Cabrera on Sunday 10/23 11-12:30pm, for your perfect healing journey through your deepest pain, recovery, and wellness.

You deserve to be well, happy, productive, and fulfilled. Elevate your wellness… Zen Wellness is here to help you.