Strong Family Bond: Zen Grow…

non-profit Community Wellness Partners

Strong Family Bond: Zen Grow is Zen Wellness’ 501c, non-profit organization partnered with renowned children’s author, public speaker, and Director of “SFB:Zen Grow”, Ms. Erika Ruiz, BA Soc.Sc., Somatic Therapist. Together with Dr Bobbi Jones, DC as Creative Director, they have launched Zen Grow to offer wellness class and services at low to no cost and donation based for children, the underserved, our military, and animals, out into the communities in which they live.

We bring the yoga studio, massage, and chiropractic to you.

We believe all life is valuable, has meaning, and can live its true purpose… that includes YOU.

Coming 2023! FREE Yoga, mediation, self healing classes, low cost sound baths and wellness events, retreats out into nature, and so much more. There are infinite ways to heal and you can elevate your wellness with Zen Wellness Center and Strong Family Bond: Zen Grow.

We bring the wellness home…