May 28th – Open House Party!

May 28th – Garden Studio Open House

& Wellness Party!

The Zen Wellness Team has worked hard, and lovingly, to create a magical place for you deep within this bustling urban jungle.

We are super proud to present to you our new, outdoor, Zen Garden Studio… one of THREE exciting wellness spaces coming to everyone at Zen!

Our Garden Studio features intimate, boutique, wellness classes offering personalized attention, gentle adjustments, and supportive guidance from top quality, professional instructors and skilled doctors.

Open House Schedule of Events

ALL Open House Classes & Services are FREE! (sign up here, class space is limited)

10:00am: Opening Ceremony & Meditation w Dr. Jones

all are welcome! no need to sign up!


10:30-12:00pm: Yoga & Somatic Release w Dr Jones & Brenda

(20 spots, sign up here)

Somatic refers to the emotions we store in our body and, in this class, Dr. Jones combines gentle yoga, self-massage, and guided meditation to help you release your pain… physical & emotional.

Practice different grounding, centering, and energy boosting techniques, including gentle yoga movements, breath work, guided visualization, Somatic Release Therapy, Energy+Medicine & Chakra Balancing, positive self-talk, goal setting, manifesting, and more! 

Achieve a level of self-awareness, and self-love, that goes beyond managing your stress, your symptoms, and your pain(s). Allow yourself to feel recharged & fulfilled… Set the tone each month for living your best life!


12:30-2:00pm: Reiki & Relaxation for Healing w Dr. Rene

(20 spots, sign up here)

Reiki is a Japanese energy healing art involving intention, visualization, and gentle touch to help remove energetic & emotional blockages in our bodies and lives. 

Energy (Chi/Qi) is defined as the flowing force that makes up and binds together all things in the universe. It especially includes our vital life energy, which is responsible for maintaining our balanced health.

Our modern lifestyles, diets, traumas, injuries, and negative self-talks create sluggishness, disruptions, scattering, and Dysregulation in our nervous systems, our energy & emotional systems, that can lead to discomfort, illness, and even more negativity and stress… a truly deadly cycle…

Dr. Rene will guide you through gentle movement, specific visualization, unique breathing exercises, self-Reiki techniques, and much more. Learn the art of connecting to your body and environment in a more positive, healthy, and nourishing way. Manage and understand stress, fatigue, burn-out, anxiety, and stored emotional trauma. Develop a wellness practice that puts you and your health first in your life!


2:00-4:00pm: Welcome to the Zen Zone

Drop in & say “Hi!” Nibble, socialize, get a FREE Mini-Massage, Acupuncture, refine your Yoga poses, receive some Healing Reiki Energy… Enjoy food, games, raffles, prizes, gifts & more!

Community Clinic – Drop-in! FREE Mini-Treatments of Reiki Healing, Massage Therapy, Acupuncture from our Sister Clinic, Source Point Wellness, and more…

Dr. Jones’ Yoga Clinic – Drop-in! Bring a yoga mat and Dr. Jones will help you refine any yoga pose! Show her your best Down Dog and see what adjustments, alignments, and refinements she can suggest to improve your function, form, and prevent injuries. 


3:00-4:00pm:  Live, ethereal, healing music with Jaime Black and her Band

Jaime Black, performing with her band, is an LA based Musician, Ritualist, and Tarot Reader. She writes vocally driven ethereal music about love and spirituality.

She is the Founder of Silverlake Priestess; an LA based spiritual business focused on music, tarot, spiritual life coaching, and in person spiritual events.

She also hosts the Silverlake Priestess Podcast where she interviews spiritual folks, including Dr. Jones, making a difference in the world following their sacred calling. Find her on Spotify &


4:00-6:00pm: Healing Sound Bath & Closing Meditation w Dr. Jones & Jaime Black

(20 spots, sign up here) 

If you can count your breaths, you can meditate…

Wear layers, bring a blanket, maybe a small pillow, and lay under the setting Spring sky.

Allow the powerful sound waves generated by Jaime Black’s healing instruments and Dr. Bobbi Jones’ guiding voice to ring through your body… through your spirit… through your self… Renew. Restore. Reset.

Elevate your wellness…



Introducing Weekly Wellness Classes

Garden Studio & Virtual


The Zen Wellness Team has worked hard, and lovingly, to create a magical place for you deep within this bustling urban jungle.

We are super proud to present to you our new, outdoor, Zen Garden Studio… one of THREE exciting wellness spaces coming to everyone at Zen!

Our Garden Studio features small, boutique, wellness classes curated by Doctors & Therapists and offering personalized attention, gentle hands-on adjustments, and supportive guidance. Let us help you design your wellness routine.

Many more classes, workshops, and community events coming soon! Stay connected and updated on our Instagram, play weekly quizzes and win prizes!



Professional Dancers’ Official Wellness Center!

SelfCare Saturdays


Zen Wellness & MashUp have combined powers and are bringing the professional dance community a monthly special event!

We welcome all Los Angeles Dancers to a special monthly healing & social event: SelfCare Saturdays, co-hosted at Mash Up’s studio in Frogtown, Los Angeles located at 2926 Gilroy St., Los Angeles, CA 90039.

Our Launch Party will be Saturday June 11th, 10:00-2:00pm. Enjoy a  mindful movement, & meditation class followed by a restorative casual mixer. Relax and reflect with friends, reunite with your community, and meet others who are advancing the industry and elevating our community.

Three, on-site wellness services will be available to choose from and a very special discounted rate for dancers, and are available by appointment only. Massage, Chiropractic, and Somatic Release Therapy. Choose one, mix and match, or enjoy all three in our Zen Day Packages, just buy your package and book your services online!

Learn more and sign up SelfCare Saturday Chiro, Massage, & Somatic treatments here.

Dancers, Book Your Services HERE