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Noise, noise, noise… a little note from Dr. Bobbi Jones

Hello Every One. We deeply apologize for the crazy noise and vibrations during your services for the rest of June.(vibration *is* SUPER healing for your nervous system, joints, and small, stabilizing muscles). We are building our Indoor Yoga & Wellness Studio right below Zen Wellness, which will be opening in a few weeks!

If you choose to keep your appointment during this time, you will receive $10 off your service, $10 credit if you’re using insurance, AND $10 OFF your ticket to our Midsummer’s Healing Ritual Soundbath, 7/16, 5:00pm

July Workshops & Events

Sunday 7/10 11:00-12:30pm $65 or FREE*

You & Your Pain: Physical & Emotional Healing with Dr. Bobbi Jones, DC

Discover what pain is, what it means, and how to differentiate the different types of pain. Learn how to manage acute and chronic pain using a variety of ancient & modern healing tools such as gentle yoga, breathing, movement, mindfulness, meditation and more.

*Class is outdoors, shaded, and limited to 30 people. Sign up fast!

$65 or FREE if you sign up for our Somatic Sunday class with Dr. Jones, right before the workshop from 9:30-10:30am.  Your 1st Studio Class is FREE(Choose 1st Studio Class FREE in sign up) 

Saturday 7/16 5:00-7:00pm $65*

Healing Ritual Soundbath with Dr. Bobbi Jones & Jaime Black

30 spots, sign up fast – Wear layers and lay under the setting Spring sky as we enter Midsummer… an important healing time of the year for many cultures…

Combining the medicinal & creative approaches of yoga, movement, meditation, spellcasting, manifesting, sound, and self awareness, Dr. Jones & Jaime Black (JaimeBlack.com) have created a unique healing experience for Every One.

Allow the powerful sound waves generated by voices, bowls, bells, violin, melodic guitar, a variety of percussive sounds, and other healing instruments, to ring through your body… through your self.

Reflect on your year so far… are you on track with your goals? What stands in your way? What can that teach you? Envision the rest of your year… Find renewal, restoration, and inspiration to make your wishes and commit to making them come true!

*keep your Zen Wellness Service Appointment during the noisy rest of June and receive $10 off!

Saturday 7/30 10:30-12:00pm $65

Intro to Reiki for Self Healing with Dr. Rene Nevarez

Reiki is a Japanese energy healing art involving intention, visualization, and gentle touch to help remove energetic & emotional blockages in our bodies and lives.

Energy (Chi/Qi) is defined as the flowing force that makes up and binds together all things in the universe. It especially includes our vital life energy, which is responsible for maintaining our balanced health.

Our modern lifestyles, diets, traumas, injuries, and negative self-talks create sluggishness, disruptions, scattering, and Dysregulation in our nervous systems, our energy & emotional systems, that can lead to discomfort, illness, and even more negativity and stress… a truly deadly cycle…

Dr. Rene will guide you through gentle movement, specific visualization, unique breathing exercises, self-Reiki techniques, and much more. Learn the art of connecting to your body and environment in a more positive, healthy, and nourishing way. Manage and understand stress, fatigue, burn-out, anxiety, and stored emotional trauma.

Develop a wellness practice that puts you and your health first in your life!

where science & magic meet…

Wellness is an ancient healing art form…

Our outdoor Garden Studio features small, boutique, wellness classes carefully curated by our Doctors & Therapists to provide an intimate, hands-on, one-on-one physical learning & healing experience…

We won’t teach large, packed, & sweaty, “celebrity” LA yoga classes here, with timid, inexperienced instructors potentially leading you into improper technique & possible injury. Our classes are lead by seasoned professionals dedicated to improving and sharing their healing arts.

Enjoy individualized attention, gentle adjustments, energy medicine, and supportive guidance specifically for you… in every class… Many more classes, workshops, and community events coming soon!

Stay connected and updated on our Instagram, play weekly quizzes and win prizes! You deserve holistic, personalized, and compassionate care from highly skilled, professionals dedicated to helping others find their paths to wellness… … and that is what Zen Wellness is all about!

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