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“Zen Wellness is a healing oasis deep within this urban jungle” – Erika. R

“As soon as I walked in, the tranquil energy immediately calmed me down. Dr. Bobbi Jones was amazing. She really listened to my main issues. I haven’t felt this good in a very long time!” – Josh G.

“After 1 visit there was remarkable improvement and after the second visit, 2 days later, the pain I had is now just a memory! Skilled, knowledgeable, thoughtful, kind and the office is immaculate and tastefully relaxing. Don’t hesitate to book!” – Beth M.

Zen Wellness provides premium holistic family care, wellness education, and community healing events, blending healing philosophies and techniques from around the world’s various cultures and healing art forms.


ANNOUNCING: Private Healing Sessions

Our Signature Service…

Each Therapist combines the very best of their own healing philosophies, techniques, talents, skills, and intuitions to help you elevate your wellness.

Our Therapists come from a variety of healing traditions, some ancient and some modern, some natural and some technological, some include sound, dance, and art as tools to help you self-express.

We believe everyone simply wants to self-express fully and be accepted and Zen Wellness Studios offers two different healing environments… outdoor and indoor, semi-private and private, with options to fit anyone’s wellness budget.

Release your emotions. Scream into the wind. Cry into the air. Sink into the earth. Dance & shake & sing.

Elevate your wellness… we are here to help you! Book here

MONTHLY EVENT: Somatic Sundays: Yoga for PTSD with Dr. Bobbi Jones

FIRST Sunday of every month 8/7, 9:30-10:30am

Somatic Sundays; Yoga for PTSD with Dr. Jones, & Ms. Brenda Lujan

Somatic refers to the emotions we store in our body and, in this class, Dr. Jones and Ms. Brenda combine gentle movements like yoga, self-massage, and guided meditation to help you release your pain… physical & emotional.

Practice different grounding, centering, and energy boosting techniques, including gentle yoga movements, breath work, guided visualization, Somatic Release Therapy, Reiki & Energy Medicine, Chakra Balancing, positive self-talk, goal setting, manifesting, and more!

Achieve a level of self-awareness, and self-love, that goes beyond managing your stress, your symptoms, and your pain(s). Allow yourself to feel recharged & fulfilled… Set the tone each month for living your best life!

Join us on the 1st Sunday of each month to help reflect, rest, & restore your mind, body, and energy. Lie back, relax, and explore your physical and emotional health in a new and unique way…

Zen Wellness Services & Classes

Zen Wellness Studios Grand Opening! Located right behind Zen Wellness!

A NEW yoga studio experience…

Featuring TWO wellness studios offering a variety of classes, workshops, events, and parties centered around health, wellness, and well-being.

There are infinite ways to heal and Zen Wellness Studios is here to show you how… let’s heal together.

Class Schedule

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You deserve holistic, personalized, and compassionate care from highly skilled, professionals dedicated to helping others find their paths to wellness… … and that is what Zen Wellness is all about!

elevate your wellness with Zen

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